September 27, 2021

Estes Park Elk Fest 2012

Elk Fest Estes Park at The Haber Motel

One of our Elk

September 29-30, 2012

Estes Park Elk Fest offers visitors a chance to view elk in the wild during the rutting season, as well as expand their knowledge of these beautiful creatures.

Learn more about elk, their habitat and how to observe them safely in the wild. Elk Fest features bugling competitions, educational areas, seminars, live music, a Mountain Man Rendezvous, Native American storytelling & music, a display of raptors, visits from Wolfwood Refuge & Rescue, and guided elk-viewing tours.

There will also be vendors displaying artwork, handmade elk-ivory jewelry, scrimshawed antler knives, elk antler lamps and chandeliers, elk hide pillows, silver and gold jewelry and other exceptional merchandise. Food vendors offer a variety of food choices, including barbecue, elk cuisine, hot dogs, hamburgers, funnel cakes, roasted almonds, kettle corn and more.

The Estes Park Elk Fest is held downtown at Bond Park conveniently located at the intersection of Elkhorn and MacGregor avenues.

The Haber Motel is the most convenient motel to walk to the Estes Park Elk Fest with free designated parking.

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